Product Research

Product innovation has no boundaries and therefore with our highly qualified design team all products are studied and tested together with our customers’ experts to make sure the right product and expected results are obtained once product is approved.

  • Product Experience

  • Market Direction

  • Client Collaboration

These are our main pillars on which we have built our success and with which we may anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

Product Research
Prototype Sampling

Prototype Sampling

With the continuous investment in Design Personnel and specialised equipment we are able to provide clients with samples in order that they may pass the required client quality tests.

  • Consultancy

  • Product Design

  • Provision of Samples

Artwork & Graphics

Although the saying that ‘Simple is Better’ may still have a valid weight, one must however accept that in today’s world having a well-designed product is more eye-catchy, therefore the fact of having a highly experienced and qualified Design department is even more important especially at product conception.

  • Product Design & Artwork

  • Multiple Product Solutions

  • Bespoke Imagery

Pizza Box Template
Testing Equipment

Packaging Testing

We ensure that the quality delivered to our customer is of high quality. In house testing is carried on all papers during sourcing and after being purchased, other relevant tests are performed at various stages throughout production which is pivotal in our product success rate.

  • Raw Materials

  • Product Development Testing

  • Manufacturing

  • Specialised Client Requests

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